Can't get the Term Injector plugin to work for me. What am I doing wrong?

Last week I installed the TermInjector plugin.

I read Paul Filkin's article + user comments (

I watched Paul's video tutorial as well (

And last but not least, I read, printed, studied and annotated the plugin's author's documentation page (

In my case, L1 is French and L2 is English. I am trying to use the Term Injector to inject a different date format.

Here's what I'm trying to achieve and the template rule I came up with:

Here's the content of my .txt file:

As for the actual steps, here's what I did:

I basically followed all the steps given in the author's documentation and Paul's video.

But, after going over the rule I created and the steps to lauch and use TI, the result is still this:

No dates injected in the target segments!

I went over the expressions in my rule (all three fields), redid all the steps, but still no success.

I tend to think that my mistake(s) must be with the rule because I only started recently to learn

about regex and fiddle with them.

How can I make this work?




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  • I don’t use the app, but I believe you need to change your third field to be something like this:

    I mean: the third field (Replaces) should be the same as the first field (Source), although parenthesis can be deleted, I believe…

    Target field is fine as it is.

    PS: If you get stuck, you can try another app:

    Regex Match AutoSuggest Provider

    It uses a different approach (AutoSuggest) that can be useful.

    I hope it helps,

    … Jesús Prieto …

  • In reply to Jesus Prieto:

    Thank you for your reply.

    When I saw your suggestion, I thought "Of course, that's the solution, that will work now".

    So I changed my .txt file accordingly and it now looks like this:

    So I had another go,... and it didn't work.

    I will try to read some more and experiment.

    I would really like it to be able to use it successfully because, in contrast to REGEX Match AutoSuggest Provider

    (which I already use and like very much), it does its magic even before you start typing in the target segments.

    Thanks for your suggestion again.





  • In reply to Christian Blouin:

    Check also whether it’s case sensitive, because the regex matches the French word “Le”, which may be not the same as “le”. If it works with “le”, you may try this regex instead “[L|l]e”.
  • In reply to Jesus Prieto:

    I did think about that, but, to my understanding, if I use your suggested regex "[Ll]e", the problem is that you can't use "[Oo]n" in the target field because the engine will not be able to apply the proper replacement "On" or "on".