Apply studio project template 2019 - Hitting cancel after a warning does not cancel the application of the template? and other questions...



Trying out this plugin on latest version (2019).

  • Can you clarify if 'Keep' means keep the previous project settings for that item, or if it means keep what is in the new template selected to apply?
  • What exactly will the Merge option do for TMs and Termbases?


  • I selected Overwrite for TMs and Termbases and on hitting ok, received an error message that there were known issues with Termbase overwrites. So i clicked Cancel but it went ahead and applied the settings anyway.


Appreciate clarifications.



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  • Hello Tammy Koopmans-Lee (TammyKoopmans-Lee)

    If you select a project and retain all the KEEP settings nothing changes on that actual project (OK greyed out).


    You need to select the changes - e.g.

    Add the template you wish to use


    The error message is really a warning to tell you that corruption COULD happen when changing the settings.

    Although TM's and TB's are rather robust- it is always wise to make regular backups-

    We even have apps to help you do this-