READ THIS FIRST : Support for SDL AppStore Applications

The SDL OpenExchange provides a platform for third party developers to create standalone applications or Studio plugins that take advantage of the Studio Technology Platform.  The SDL Support teams and staff, whilst very willing to help in this forum, are not always going to know how to help.  So please remember that every application has an appropriate route for support via the developer and the contact details for each application are on the OpenExchange website.

So go to the application in question and then look in the "Support & developer" tab.  You will see something like this:

The developers are always willing to help and if you are unable to find the answer to your question in this forum then the developer is probably your best bet!

Similarly, please don't send long questions about how to use Studio to the developers of third party applications... these guys are very helpful but if you have questions on Studio then this forum is the best place to ask.



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8 Replies

  • Hi Paul,

    I would like to contact the developer for the Google Translate AutoSuggest app, but I can't find his/her contact info in the Developer Contact page. Does that mean that the developer does not want to be contacted?
    I still have difficulty running AutoSuggest smoothly in Studio. I do get the suggestions, but it slows down Studio. If I apply a suggested translation, it takes 10+ seconds for the cursor to move again. Seeing how far AutoSuggest has developed makes me really want to benefit from this feature. If possible, I want to find someone in my language pair who has success in the use of AutoSuggest and learn the tips from the person.

  • In reply to Chunyi Chen:

    This is the place to do it. You should just create a new post in this OpenExchange specific group and developer can respond if he chooses to... or you may get help from somewhere else.
  • In reply to Chunyi Chen:

    Hi Chunyi,

    Autosuggest does not work well for target languages without spaces. That is because the algorithm computes suggestions based on the current word the user is typing. However based on my testing, I do not see the slow behavior as you described. If you do not have problem to access google translation site, I am wondering if it is document specific.

  • In reply to Xingzeng Liu:

    Hi Xingzeng,

    Thank you for your input. Regarding the issue I experience when AutoSuggest is enabled, I do not think it's document specific, since it happens to my other projects as well. I will just forget about using Autosuggest and use the shortcut (Ctrl+Shift+L) to bring up the picklist and enter the desired term--this is what I wanted to use AutoSuggest for in the first place anyway:)
  • Paul,

    What is the suggestion when the email listed simply reroutes you to the SDL Community? I am looking for information on the Flare file-type definitions, but the email attached to it auto-replies that it is no longer supported. Does that mean that the file-types are no longer supported at all?

    Thanks for any clarity you can provide!


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