Cannot complete the last convertion with PUB2XML


Here how far I was able to go:

Using PUB2XML, convert a PUB to XML

Load and process in Trados Studio 2015

Save Target from Trados

Load the translated XML in PUB2XML

Then I get a message about "not being able to locate the pub file" in the second column of the converter, and the process button is disabled. I'm stuck there. Anyone got pass this?

Thank you,

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  • Hello Alain,

    Sounds as though the message is telling you something... do you have the original publisher file, or the intermediary?  Did you see this article which might help?

  • In reply to Paul Filkin:

    Thank you for taking the time!
    Yes, I have read it twice, and watched the important part of the video twice as well.
    Yes, all the files are in the same folder, nothing as moved. Original, Pseudo, Converted to XML, Translated and exported XML... It is that one file that I am trying to convert back to PUB. I am really trying to play nice with the app.
    And I tried this on two computers (similar setup though).
    Thx again!
  • In reply to Alain Tougas:

    Hi Alain,

    If you can share the original pub file and your translated sdlxliff I'd be happy to take a look? You can email me at


  • In reply to Paul Filkin:

    Hi Alain and Paul,

    I have been having the exact same problem. Were you able to find a solution? Please, let me know. :)