Glossary Converter does not detect Multiterm

I recently upgraded to SDLTrados 2015, and when trying to convert my Excel glossaries with Glossary Converter, I get an error message: "Cannot detect Multiterm even using tbx as term base format" (translated roughly from Spanish). Never had a problem with Glossary Converter before. I uninstalled and reinstalled the latest version available, and still have the same problem. Any ideas will be greatly appreciated!

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  • Hello William,

    Have you installed MultiTerm 2015 as well? Sorry for the dumb question, but the error message begs this question first I think.


  • In reply to Paul:

    Sorry for the delay in responding, Paul - Yes, MultiTerm 2015 is installed. I've also tried the uninstall-reinstall of both Glossary Converter and MT2015, to no avail. Any other thoughts?
    Thanks so much / Colleen (not William ;-) )
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    Hmm, this is a rare issue. Unfortunately I have no solution at hand. Do you still have the older Trados version installed? Usually that should be no problem, but the error could happen when two versions are installed and something went slightly wrong with an upgrade or uninstall.
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    No, this is the only version I've installed on this computer. I've had a remote session with SDL, and the conclusion was that Glossary Converter simply does not work on my computer. I will have to convert my glossaries some other way. Thanks for your response!
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    I wonder if a solution has been found for this. The error came up this week during a training session. The computers involved had Multiterm 2019 installed and a freshly downloaded version of the Glossary Converter from the app store. No SDL products had been installed prior to this on these computers.

    Not sure if this matters, but the computers where the issue happened had just been used to do an Excel to Multiterm import using the Multiterm Convert procedure. Right after that, the Glossary Converter was installed to demonstrate its advantages and all the computers got the same error. When a conversion was attempted, the resulting file was a tbx, and the Glossary Converter showed tbx instead of sdltb in the "Out" pane of the main app interface.

    The one computer where the app worked was mine, where a) Studio 2017 had been installed before, but not Multiterm, b) Multiterm 2019 is installed and c) the computer was not used to do the Multiterm Convert procedure prior to running the Glossary Converter.

    The students are puzzled and would love to be able to use the Glossary Converter, so I promised I'd check if a fix has been found.
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