Studio 2019 SR1: "Translation failed: One or more errors occurred"

Hi there,

For the last couple of days I repeatedly got this error message:

I checked the TMs with TM Repair, but they seem okay. I have DeepL as AT.

What does this error message mean? How can I help it?


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  • Hello ,

    The first thing I would maybe try if you have not already, is to maybe remove DeepL from the project to see if this is the issue-
    If not maybe try removing the TMs and adding these back in one by one to see which TM is causing the issue.
    Should you be able to track down the offending TM- maybe export this to TMX and re import into a new TM.
    Did this help?
  • In reply to Steven Whale:

    Hello Steven,
    I removed DeepL and the problem stopped. I now upgraded to the most current version of the DeepL plugin... Hard to keep on top of all the Plugin updates! I have the feeling that the move to 2019 SR1 required the DeepL update.