Multiterm is unable to add the entry in SDL Trados 2019 (Studio and Multiterm)

We are currently unable to add new terms to Multiterm. The error message "Multiterm is unable to add the entry" keeps appearing.
We have installed SR1 and performed a repair on both Studio and Multiterm from the control panel, to no avail. Attempts to reorganise the termbase have failed repeatedly (reorg aborts before completion and Multiterm crashes/disappears).

We have two floating licences for SDL Studio 2019 and one person accesses the Multiterm database directly. The database is file-based and saved in a network directory.

Any tips would be appreciated.




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  • Hi 

    It looks to me as if you haven't also updated MultiTerm to the latest version?

    Though in the past, older versions of MultiTerm would often work fine with Studio, in fact with this version something changed in how they were compiled to interact together (not sure if that's the correct jargon). So, it has to be the correct version of MultiTerm for the version of Studio or it won't work properly.

    Open MultiTerm and allow it to update if you haven't already.

    Hopefully that's all this is...

    All the best,

    Ali :

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    Hallo Alison,
    We are using the most current versions of Multiterm and Studio.
    Multiterm: 2019
    Studio: 2019 SR1
    All updates have been applied so the cause lies elsewhere.
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    Could you please confirm whether this is a general issue or affects a given termbase?
    If the latter, please try re-creating the termbase: export the content, create a new termbase file and import the content from the previous one.

    Best wishes

    Greta Magyar - Customer Success Representative - SDL
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    Hallo Greta,
    I was hoping to solve the problem without exporting/importing etc. However it seems to be the only way forward.
  • In reply to Patricia Burke:

    After exporting/importing, new terms can be added.