Studio 2019 freezes when opening a new package.

Hello. Each time I try to open a package, Studio 2019 freezes. I restarted my computer, repaired the program from Control Panel, updated to the latest version, and tried re-installing Studio. I'm still getting the same problem. :( Is there anything else I can try?
I'm using a MacBook Air and running a virtual PC through Parallels. I installed the new Apple security update last night, and Studio was running well before the update.

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  • Hi
    some antivirus software interfering? Is Studio whitelisted?
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    Thank you for your reply! I went ahead and deleted Sophos completely, restarted my computer, but am still unable to open new packages.
  • I have exactly the same problem.

    Need help urgently if anyone knows how to solve this.


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    Hi Allan. I ended up finding a solution.
    I opened a new package, then let Studio run for 20 minutes until the open package wizard finally opened. In the middle of the window, underneath the "Project Folder" field, there are two check mark areas (Append project name... and Use default Studio). Make sure both of these are checked. Mine were previously NOT checked, and this is what was causing Studio to freeze. Once I was able to check them, Studio functioned normally. You just have to be able to open the "Open Package" wizard. For what it's worth, I paid for the support package but was able to find a solution before they replied. Best of luck.
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    Thank you for answering.
    No sign of "Append project name..." and "Use default Studio" in the Package Contents Review window
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