Studio 2019 freezes when opening a new package.

Hello. Each time I try to open a package, Studio 2019 freezes. I restarted my computer, repaired the program from Control Panel, updated to the latest version, and tried re-installing Studio. I'm still getting the same problem. :( Is there anything else I can try?
I'm using a MacBook Air and running a virtual PC through Parallels. I installed the new Apple security update last night, and Studio was running well before the update.

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    Shoot. Are you running Studio 2019? If not, it might be called something else. The problem for me was because the package wasn't being saved in the correct location on my computer. Once I clicked the box to save the project in the default location, the freezing issue disappeared. Is there anything on your window that talks about the "default" location or something similar?
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