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Hello, I'm a novice in using CAT tools and Trados Studio and I've just been hired as a vendor in SDL Poland. Which features do I have to use to be able to make translations for the company? Do I have to use Multiterm??? I must note that I've gotten familiar only with the basics of Studio so far.

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  • I'd start watching all the video tutorials that seem relevant:
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    In addition to Daniel's suggestion, I would recommend the built-in help of Studio - there are several pdf documentations available on the Get Started tab in the Welcome view.
    And also there are training materials in your SDL Account under Support&Education > Education.

    As for MultiTerm, it is an advanced terminology management software, and it is usually not needed for general translation jobs. In case your work entails terminology-related tasks, you might need it though. But it all depends on the jobs you'll take on.

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    Greta Magyar - Customer Success Representative - SDL
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    Hello Greta, ☺

    Thank you for your response. ☺

    I've already been advised to contact my Project Menager in that matter, as I'd also expressed my doubts via the link:, but I haven't had an opportunity to know that person so far, so I've contacted my Talent Menager and she is going to contact that personon my behalf and then will convey all the information to me, at least that is what I have been told. ;)

    Anyway...I'm still waiting for the info.

    Have a nice weekend! ☺

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    Małgorzata Czepiela
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    Hello Daniel, ☺

    Thank you for your response. ☺

    I've already watched all the videos, but still i need to know what my duties are as a vendor in SDL.

    I've already been adviced to contact my Project Menager, but I haven't met her/him yet, so I contacted the Talent Menager and I will be given the info. soon. ☺

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