How to import a package

I have received a Trados packet per email but for some reason, if I click on it, it wouldn't open in Trados.

What do I need to do? Thank you! Susanna

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    Hi Claudio, thank you very much for your help! I think I have now worked out how to import my package :-)
    Your help is really very much appreciated!
    Could you just tell me how I can merge two segments in my source text? I have attended the "Getting Started" course but somehow, I must have missed it... I have tried Ctrl and Shift but that doesn't work.... Thank you very much! Kind regards, Susanna
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    Hi Susanna,

    to merge two (or more) segments, yuo must select two (or more) subsequent "row" numbers on the left side of the Editor view, right-click on one of them to open the contextual menu and then select the command "Merge segments" (or press CTRL+ALT+S).

    Il the command is greyed (or if the CTRL+ALT+S doesn't work), this means that the two (or more) segments cannot be merged because they are closed, e.g., by an "end-of-paragraph" (i.e. ¶) and this does not allow to merge them.



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    Perfect! Thank you Claudio! It doesn't seem possible to merge these two segments.
    Again, thank you very much for all your help! Kind regards,

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