Process QuarkXpress 2016 files (12.2 ) in SDL 2017 possible?


I received a huge file in QuarkXpress 2016  (12.2 version). I understand that "CopyFlow Gold for QuarkXPress" only works for QuarkXPress 8 & 9. That means that it is not possible at all to translate higher QuarXpress version? 

Is there an alternative? What would be the workaround? I have the latest version of SDL Studio (2017).


Thank you for your help.



Miriam Müller

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  • Hi Miriam,

    You can work with the tagged text files from Quark itself if this is what you have been given... or if you have a copy of Quark Express and export the file as their XPress Tags format (*.xtg). Studio has a "QuarkXPress Export" filetype built in, so if the file is *.xtg or *.tag then you can handle them out of the box.


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    Hello Paul,

    Thank you for the answer. Unfortunately, the customer has not given us the tagged text files. We do have a copy of Quarkxpress, but the software alone is unable to export Xpress Tag format by itself (*.xtg). Do you know of any way (maybe an extension or add-on) in which we could obtain the .xtg file? Thank you in advance


    Miriam Müller
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    Has there been any update regarding this?
    We have a similar request from one of our customers and we also only have Quarkxpress 2017.
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    Apologies... years later this has been drawn to my attention again and I didn't respond.  I believe this is the process:

      1. In a QuarkXPress layout that has your desired style sheet or styling attributes applied to text in a text box, go to File > Save Text.
      2. Name your file with an .xtg file extension in the Save Text dialog.
      3. In the Format pop-up menu select XPress Tags, and in the Encoding pop-up menu choose Unicode (UTF-16). (Since QuarkXPress 9 is Unicode compliant, this is the best encoding method to choose when saving text.)
      4. Click Save.

    I don't have QuarkExpress but it seems you should be able to save your files in this way.