Best way to do a review between in-house translators


I'll be doing some reviews for other Trados users in my company and though I've played around with checking xliff files, they've usually been after the translation had been produced and was just to update the TM data. So, could someone point me in the right direction for simple, step-by-step directions for how to send (share?) a file for review, then how to open it, then how to send it back, have the original translator reflect the changes, then generate the target.

We use Studio 2017 and we have shared folders we can access. We don't use Groupshare and all TMs+TBs are locally stored. I'd prefer not to use the "export to review document" because we wouldn't have the valuable TM/TB and verification functions available in the Editor view. 

Should projects packages and return packages be made? (Prefer not as the translators are relatively inexperienced with trados)
Should we just share the contents of the project folder? I'd open the project then inevitably get a bunch of errors saying it can't find the locally stored TM. Then I'd review it, save, then return the.... entire project folder back? Or just the xliff? Then they'd get a bunch of errors too when opening their project saying they can't find the locally stored resources I had on my computer. See what I'm saying? I'd love for it to be as simple as "send me the xliff file then I'll send it back to you. Then double-click the xliff file..." but I fear it may be more complicated.

Ideas welcome.

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  • Hi Keenan,

    It can actually be as simple as the translator emailing the SDLXLIFF to the reviewer and the reviewer opening the file for review, completing the work with Track Changes on and emailing that file back to the translator. That doesn't require opening any project files and shouldn't cause any issues with unavailable resources that are stored on local computers.

    If the reviewer needs to have the TM during the review, you can provide that separately and they can add it locally to their file.

    Of course, if you have someone who can centrally manage the project, then you could create a review package with the appropriate resources added to it (TMs, termbases, ASDs) instead of sending the files separately.
  • In reply to Keenan Cooper:

    Hi Keenan,

    It's definitely review mode for me. If the only reason other team members don't like review mode is the different window layout, they can always customize that to something they like. I personally like it because it's a nice way of differentiating between translation and review mode.

    As far as the steps to open a file for review, I do the same thing you do, except my file doesn't disappear after opening it and saving it.

    I've also thought about working on automating the process somehow but haven't done anything about it yet.
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