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Dear SDL Team,


Kindly I want to ask you that If I want to translate English word file to Arabic, can I put both English and Arabic data on 1 page. I mean that on the left side will be the English data and on the right side will be the Arabic side.


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  • Hi

    You can do this as a bilingual review file but not as a fully formatted word file with one langauge on the left and the other on the right.
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    Not a very good example of the bilingual review file but you have essentially created the same thing except it probably can't be used for review. Perhaps you should make your ideas available in a shared, and trusted location, where others can benefit from them (like the appstore!). I can't imagine why you keep posting like this if you don't want others to be able to benefit from your genius.

    I actually think your solution has some merit... it's a shame you choose to behave this way.
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    Dear Paul,

    Kindly when I upload PDF or word file in English, and then I translate it to Arabic in SDL. Can I include both English and Arabic languages in the Invoice. Also how I can adjust the layout of the invoice in order to have the same lines and rows same as original.

    Appreciate your support and if you can show me the steps in screenshots