InDesign19 idml files in Trados Studio


Is it possible to translate new idml files from InDesign19 in Trados Studio? IDML v filter does not support this format.



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  • Hi  

    I'm not sure what InDesign19 files are or what version this is, but if you have a sample file I'd be interested to test it? I'll also speak to our filetype manager this week and see what we are doing to support the latest versions. You can send the file to is this is acceptable.

    You could also try enabling the process unsupported versions option in the IDML filetype before you create yor project and this might help.

  • In reply to Paul:

    The latest version of indesign is Indesign CC 14. It's a very recent update.

    We tested it by exporting to idml and activating the option for the unsupported file versions and, so far, it seems to work without issues.

    We didn't perform a deep test of all the features (like footnotes, linked references and such) but seems the new Indesign features focus on the layout management and metadata information of objects (images and text boxes) rather than on implementation of new features strictly connected to text management (like it did last year).

    You can find the process unsupported versions options in the filetype settings of your project settings (or template, or trados itself..)

    I hope this helps a bit.

    Best regards