SDL Batch Find and Replace does not come with an installation of Studio 2019?

Hello everyone,

A couple of days ago I migrated to Studio 2019 Freelance via an upgrade from Studio 2017 Freelance. After an installation, the SDL Apps folder in Windows Start Menu contains only SDL Plugin Management tools, meaning that SDL Batch Find and Replace, TTX It, T-Window for Clipboard and XLIFF Converter for MS Office are missing. As I still keep Studio 2017, I have these apps for the time being.

To see whether there was a conflict between two versions of Studio, I tried installing Studio 2019 on another PC where no CAT tool has ever been installed. The result – the apps are missing as well:


I have installed the latest update in both cases but that did not solve the problem either.

I have Windows 10 (on both PC's) and Windows display language is English.

Does this mean that these apps are not coming with Studio (Freelance) anymore? If so, can they be downloaded from the appstore? I think I don't see SDL Batch Find and Replace there (though for the time being, I still have it with Studio 2017 which I'll be keeping as long as it is necessary beceause I use the app very often).


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