"An error occurred whilst trying to determine the file version" when trying to create new project in SDL Studio 2019


I've just installed SDL Studio 2019, and I'm getting the above error message when trying to create a brand new project. I've seen related threads here, but I couldn't find a solution for me in any of them, as most of them refer to issues opening already created projects or using old project templates. I'm not doing any of that, I'm just trying to create my first new project in SDL Studio 2019 from scratch.

By the way, the above error message appears as soon as I click on "New Project", so I can't even get to the new project wizard window.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance!

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  • Hello

    I think this may be down to a corrupted (default) project template.

    If you have a different template you can select this from the drop down template menu-

    Or alternatively-

    If you want to use a clean Default template then:
    1. Close Studio 
    2. C:\Users\[USER_NAME]\Documents\Studio 2017\
    3. Rename the Project Templates folder to Project Templates_old
    4. Launch Studio and the Project Templates folder will be recreated with clean Templates.


    Please let me know if this helps.

  • Hi 

    Since I composed this answer, I note that  has answered you. Sorry Steve I keep doing that...

    There are further possibilities to follow up in this thread...

    Studio 2019 fails when trying to create a new project

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    Hi ,

    Nothing at all to be sorry about-
    I think its funny we often reply within minutes of each other to the same thread. :-)
    Im sure the poster also appreciates various solutions as well.
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    Indeed, and I keep doing it to Paul aswell... Wink

    Better two answers than none!


    Ali :D

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    Hi Alison and Steve,

    Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. For some reason, I didn't get any e-mail notification telling me that you had replied.

    I'm afraid your reply doesn't help me, because I can't even choose a template. The above error message appears inmediately after I click on "New project". I've installed Studio 2019 in two laptops, and this issue is present in only one of them, albeit the most modern one, and the one I mainly want to use for work.

    Do you or anyone else have any other ideas?


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