SDL Trados Studio 2017 - add a term to the dictionary

Hi all, I just installed SDL Tradis Studio 2017 en it seems I cannot add a term to the dictionary when I apply the corrector, I get an error message. I will probably have to activate something somewhere. Anny suggestions? Thanks a lot!

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  • Hello Karen Poot (KarenPoot) ,

    Can you confirm if you have installed MultiTerm 2017 or not please (from your SDL account/Downloads ) and whether you have added and enabled a Termbase via the Project Settings?

    Also it might be helpful if you could post a screen shot of what is happening when you try to add term (in Studio?)


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  • In reply to Steven Whale:

    Hi Steven, thank you for your suggestions. Yes, I have installed MultiTerm 2017 (after I installed Studio though). And referring to the termbase, no, I haven't actively added one. However, it is not only happening in one project, it happens to all, so it seems more a general configuration problem than a problem with the project configuration.

    And this is what I see when I try to add a word to the dictionary:

    Thanks for your help!

    best regards,