Multiple source columns in different Excel sheets

I have a very large Excel file (DB Export) that contains multiple sheets that have different source columns (e.g. Sheet 1/Source column C; sheet 2/source column E; sheet 3/source column F).

I already tried Excelling Studio for this, but I can only define one source column and not different source columns for the different sheets.


Does anybody know about a solution for this?

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    In this very example the usual situation is that there is NO COMMON COLUMN HEADER, but there are either no headers at all, or they are different for each column. And the translation instruction says which columns on which sheet should be translated.

    And BTW, you don't seem to be aware of the basic and well-known fact (at least among translators having at least SOME clue about Studio functionality... which, I'm sorry, you don't seem to be...) - that hidden cells are not extracted for translation... i.e. the solution is MUCH SIMPLER: just hide the columns/rows/sheets which shoudn't be translated and that's it! Just a few simple clicks.

    The problem with your "solutions" is that you are always focusing on one very specific and particular problem and your "solutions" are tailored for that very and only case... i.e. count with particular names, columns, number of rows, filenames, tag names, etc.
    And that makes your "solutions" essentially useless for other users... simply because their cases would differ in tags, number of columns, number of rows, etc.

    Try to make some plugin which can be used GENERICALLY, in ANY situation... i.e. which would either detect all needed parameters/inputs/values/etc. automatially, or provide users with a comprehensive settings GUI where all the needed info can be easily configured.

    And only then you might have the right to complain about SDL!

    Creating a plugin for every possible one-off and specific need is total nonsense and just a waste of time... since solving the problem manually usually takes way less time that creating (and especially fine-tuning and debugging!) the plugin.

    Your "solutions" might be perhaps an inspiration for another coders (who are capable of modifying your code to suit their different needs), but are basically useless for common translators.

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    Can't you read? The solution is to simply hide the non-translatable content in Excel. And then load the file to Studio.
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    (deleted user)

    This is actually quite interesting so I had a look. I was wondering whether you made this for one specific case, or if it would be easy to change it so you could name the columns you needed on runtime... that would be quite neat.

    But I get an error trying to run it:

    Compile error: Wrong number of arguments or invalid property assignment

    I don't know enough about VBA to understand how to fix this... do you have any idea?
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