Duplicate TUs created when making corrections in Editor mode

I know that this issue was raised a couple of years ago here but it doesn't seem to have been resolved and I'm not sure it's even the same problem as the one I have been having for a while having.

Here goes: I have started a project as "Translate single document" and I have created a TM specifically for that document. After translating a segment, I confirm it, it updates my specific TM, and I move on to the next segment. Upon completing the document, I go back to the beginning and revise what I have done. If I make a correction, and then confirm the corrected segment, I end up with two TUs: one with the corrected text (with CM in green next to it) and another with the old text with a 100% match. I would have thought that the old text would be overwritten.

What am I doing wrong? Any ideas?


Thanks in advance



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  • Hi

    Can you confirm the version of Studio you are using, and also that you are the only person in this process, and that you are always using one computer? Perhaps you can also
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    Dear Paul

    I am using Studio 2017 Freelance, I am the only person in this process, and in this case I used two computers, starting the translation on a laptop and finishing it on a desktop (de-activating and re-activating my licence in between).
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    It somehow relates to dates. I experience exactly the same with SDL Trados Studio 2017 Pro and I noticed that only entries with different years behave this way. Maybe different months or even days make difference too, but I can't say that for sure.
    My another observation is that I work with an inverted language pair document (with a purpose): English-to-Russian document with Russian-to-English TM (and project). When language pair of the document is the same as that of TM/project, I can't reproduce this 'duplicating behavior'. 

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    Dear Stepan

    This is interesting. Looking at my particular case the problem arises when corrections are made to a segment that was confirmed some weeks ago, not segments confirmed and corrected on the same date. So our problem is similar if not the same. Is this a bug in the Trados workflow? What's your solution?
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    Do you have the same username for both machines? Can you reproduce this behaviour if you go back and do the review on the same computer you used for the translation?
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