SDL MultiTerm 2019 - not recognizing existing terms in Editor, but aware that terms exist

Dear All,

I have the latest version of MultiTerm installed: SDL MultiTerm 2019 -, but the problem described below has been around forever.

I have noticed time and again that MultiTerm does not recognize terms from the termbase (about which my memory serves me better), but when asked to add the term suddenly tells me that the term already exists:

So, the term exists and Trados knows it, but the term is not recognized in the source segment and there is no red bracket above it.

Any ideas?

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  • HI there,
    I have the exactly same problem as yours!!!! Haruko
  • Hi,

    I have the same problem in Trados 2019 which was not existent in 2015.

    2019 version is unreliable in many senses. I have tried communicate my experience, but was told to log them one by one in one of the SDL portals. Anything more than simple improvement are lined up for very distant future versions.

    If I know that the term exists, I move previous or next segment and come back to current segment. Then, it recognizes. This is from experience. Noticed accidentally.

    Silly, but works with me. And, with little more effort, I avoid typesetting lengthy institution or product names which I know that they are in the termbase.

    If you are not sure whether the term is in the termbase, you can try the same.


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    Hello  ,

    Can you give me a support number so I can follow this up please.

    but was told to log them one by one in one of the SDL portals.

    In the mean time, can you confirm that moving to the next term and then back again at least provides a 'workaround' at this stage please.

  • In reply to Steven Whale:


    I don't have a case number for this one as I was not contacted by SDL team for this one. Unlike my other problem with crashing during spellcheck.

    For this one I was merely sharing my similar experience.

    Below are the screenshots.

    First, I thought I had added the term Order Form, but saw that it was not appearing in the term recognition. I was kind of sure because it was one of the basic terms.

    Then I decided to add to my termbase, regardless, then it warned me saying it is already in the termbase. But, it was not visible in the term recognition.

    When I saved it without joining the term, then I had two Order Form in my termbase and now both are appearing in the term recognition panel. If I had moved back and forth, then it would have appeared in the second visit to the segment

    Additional both TM and Termbase results are very slow at loading. TB has around 100 terms. TM might be normal because I have around 8 TMs connected for this project.

    Below are the screenshots

    Hope it helps

    Thank you

    Best regards







  • In reply to HAKAN KIYICI:

    This happened only when this segment or this term was visited for the first time after opening Trados. After taking above screenshots, it worked normally.
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