I'd like to reproduce this pop up "Dependency file not found" from my side

I have posted a question asking any workaround about it (to suppress).
But, have been told that is impossible.

I tried to make the same message from my side.
But, have failed.
Do I need some more programs ? or simply missed how to use SDL Trados Studio ?


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  • Kelly,
    To reproduce this just create a project where the setting for the SDLXLIFF filetype is set to allow no space for the embedded file. Then put the sdlxliff in another folder on your computer and open it up for translation.
  • Hi ,

    This error message can be found if you're sent an sdlxliff file with the missing source file, whether it's a single file or a package.

    Additionally, you can find more detailed information on this message error in this article:


    Hope it helps!
  • In reply to Paul:

    Thanks for your good tip, I have finished my testing.

    I have just found that "Dependency file not found" could be avoided easily.
    If you delete two Elements at sdlxliff, the pop up disappears.

    Then, Do your all works needed without the pain in the neck.
    You could revive the two Elements from source folder (it has the same one within it) by copy into its proper point.
    Done. Everybody happy !!

    I do not know yet, whether it has side effects or not.   <--  negative, I guess.
    It looks like working good.


    -two Elements are "reference" and "ref-files"


    Nobody helps others. I found  my own  workaround. So, very satisfied with my result. In the above link, SDL engineers said, they will make some way for customers. But, the solution does not delivered to customer yet. And, nobody knows when will it be. I, have made it.

  • In reply to Oana Nagy:


    That was a big help too
    I got a hint from there that sdlxliff has needless information within in - it is used only for "PreView job" - I have never used it.. for several years.

  • In reply to kellyedward:

    This is definitely NOT "needles information"!
    The fact that YOU with your lack of knowledge (to say the least) don't know what is it for does not make it "needless" in any way.

    The embedded source file is needed for operations requiring the source file (like generating the target file, etc.), as you learned in the other thread at https://community.sdl.com/product-groups/translationproductivity/f/90/t/21477

    Problem is that you have no idea about the wide variety of possible translation workflows and make totally wrong judgments based on your very tiny knowledge.
    And BTW, that's just another reason why people should better NOT use your childish plugins - they may do more harm than good, since you are not aware of MANY consequences and relations, thus there is high probability that you damage things.

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