<ErrorMessage>Duplicated sheet names are not allowed

Hello everyone,

I got a problem with my Trados 2015 version, when converting an excel file after translation.

<ErrorMessage>Duplicated sheet names are not allowed (<sheet_name>). Check hidden sheet names as well.</ErrorMessage>

I use Excel 2016 and the Excel file has a couple of sheets. No sheet has the same name, which is impossible in Excel anyways.

Nonetheless, I got the error message above.

Did any of you experience the same problem and can help me out?


Thanks in advance,


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  • Hello,

    If two sheets from an Excel file are translated identically, Studio generates this error message: "The Worksheet name must be unique, the <sheet_name> is used multiple time", so the error message you are facing is pretty peculiar.

    I recommend searching for the actual sheet name in the Editor (target side) to make sure that there aren't two sheets with identical names. You can easily "spot" the segments that represent the sheet translations if you look for the "WSN+" (highlighted with red) marker found on the right-hand side of your Editor, on the Document Structure Information column.

    Hope this helps.

    Vlad Bondor | Customer Support Manager | SDL