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Filtering by <prop type="x-ConfirmationLevel">Draft</prop> or penalizing a CM?

I read with interest the thread https://community.sdl.com/product-groups/translationproductivity/f/90/t/9159 on the use of Prop type Conformation Level for the review process of TMX batch edits. I see a use case here for batch editings performed outside of SDLTrados on the TMX files and the potential request from the translator to be able to review the change. 

Use Case:

> Apply a global, scripted, content change across all existing TMX files in a file repository for the Target language affected. 

> Set the impacted string to level "Draft" in <prop type="x-ConfirmationLevel">Draft</prop>

> Import the TMX file

> Provide a process to audit the TMX for the change applied (and here I am unclear as to where SDLTrados would be able to make the change identifiable):

  • by a filter in the TMX? (Is there a way to find or filter by "Draft" states in the TMX editor?)
  • by a penalty during pretranslation to ensure that the translator is going to review the change (so have the CM or 100% match be scored as 99%) (how can we define such a penalty?)

> Could this be achieved? What would be the process?