Trados 2015 keeps shuting down

I've been working in a project in groupshare since two weeks ago (with Trados 2015) and it keeps shutting down as soon as I enter into one file of the project. It also keeps showing different errors that make no sense.

I need urgent help since I have a tight deadline. Can you please contact me with a technician?
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  • Hi 

    Could you please give us a bit more details about the issue? Please save the error by clicking on the disc icon and, then saving to your desktop and including this in communications with SDL.

    These 'error stacks' helps us locate the issues and provide solutions much quicker generally.

    You can also post the full 'error stack':


    In the meantime, to proceed, please ask your customer to send you that specific file in email so that you can work on it.

    Also, please see the below article about adding folders as exceptions to your security software which can help in such issues:

    Hoping to hear back from you. 

    Best wishes,

    Greta Magyar - Customer Success Representative - SDL