Cannot work: Upgrading to Version 15.1.48878 gets into a reboot loop

I have spent the past six hours trying to get Studio and MultiTerm to work. I have posted the (very similar) MultiTerm problem in that forum.

Having been advised (within the programme) that Version 15.1.48878.2 is available, I have attempted to install it. That failed, because it never got out of the reboot loop. Having completedly cleaned my system of any trace of Studio that I could find, I have managed to install Version instead. Actually, before trying to update to Version 15.1.48878.2, it was stated that I had Version 15.1.43919.0 installed, not Version

Before doing anything, I had deactivated my licence.

So, now, I apparently have Version installed, I do not get beyond the splash screen (Version number confirmed on it.)

I am completely unable to work!

Does anyone know of any solutions, PLEASE?

Best regards,

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