Segment confirmed, added to TM, then edited, and reconfirmed but DOUBLES are made instead of being overwritten


One of my team members has been experiencing this problem which I've never seen before and honestly thought was impossible. I can't replicate this phenomenon on my own computer so I don't know which settings were changed on her computer to result in this. 

To test the problem she told me about, I typed "(In parenthesis, the LCD display is explained.) the the" and confirmed the segment and it entered the TM. Then I immediately deleted "the the" and confirmed the segment but instead of overwriting the segment and showing a CM/100 match, it shows both most recently confirmed hits with a -1 duplicate penalty. I thought such penalties would only apply to duplicates from different TMs. But this is the same TM and same project so I'm very lost as I thought this went against the very core of Trados's code. Please assist.

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  • I wonder if it's related to the use of Lookahead? Perhaps the original result is still cached and causes you this problem when you change it immediately.

    Try turning off Lookahead and see if this still happens. You might have to close the file and open again after changing the setting, just to be sure. I'm not sure when Studio holds onto some settings and when not so worth making sure.
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