What do I do if a PowerPoint file seems to be too big?

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We want to analyse a big PowerPoint file (88MB), but Trados Studio 2019 doesn't like it. I get the following error. We already removed a lot of the graphics to bring the file size down, but Studio still spits it back out. 

Does anyone have any suggestions on what to do?

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  • Hi

    You can further decrease the size of a ppt by compressing the pictures in PowerPoint. To do that, please open the file in PowerPoint, select a picture on any page, and choose the following option on the bar 'Picture tools' > Compress pictures:

    Hope this helps.

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    Greta Magyar - Customer Success Representative - SDL

  • Usually I manage to get rid off these out of memory errors just closing and re-starting Studio.
    If it doesn’t work, I’d split the PPTX file in half, and check if I can open both in Studio. If one of them doesn’t open, halve it again and check in Studio.
    With this halving procedure, you may find something weird in, hopefully, one of the slides, fix it and then be able open the full file in Studio.
  • In reply to Jesus Prieto:

    Thanks, Jesus, there are some 60 slides, so half-and-halfing will take quite a long time, but maybe that's the only option left...
    Kind regards, Joël
  • In reply to Greta Magyar:

    Hi Greta, we already tried that, but to no avail...
    Kind regards, Joël
  • In reply to Joël Sigling:

    Just use your favorite archiver to open the PPTX as ZIP file and simply remove all the huge pictures, videos or whatever weird multimedia content is making the file too big. You can find them easily inside the ZIP structure in a "ppt\media" directory.
    And then you can put these files back after generating the target file...
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