Alignment editor - what's the meaning of the numbers to the right?

Trying (at last) to explore the alignment functions. There is a new feature in the editor: a number to the right of every source and target segment (se image). I can't figure out what they are for (and the video tutorial doesn't even show them).

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  • Hello

    I believe these are most possibly page numbers - these segments look like Table of contents entries.

    Could you please check your files in their native environment, outside of Studio?

    Just to confirm, there is no such functionality in Studio to add numbers to the segment content in Alignment mode. Please see a screenshot of one of my alignments with default Studio settings:

    Best wishes,

    Greta Magyar - Customer Success Representative - SDL

  • Hi Mats,

    Those numbers definitely look like they came from the actual content of the files you're aligning, that is, they're part of your segments.
  • Very strange! In this document, these numbers only run up to (and including) 28! So it's very difficult to see any meaningful use for them.
  • In reply to Greta Magyar:

    Thank you, Greta -- you are correct. They are page numbers! I should have checked the source documents in their original layout.