Studio 2017 doesn't work the function spell check for language

Hello all,

I am using Trados Studio 2017 on Windows 7 Professional and MS Office 2016.

I use language combination German-Serbina and when I do check, I always get a message "Grammar Checker is not supported for Serbian(Latin)". What can I do to fix it?

The other thing is that although I set everything in options, QA checker is not reporting any errors like double points, double space, different ending punctuation in source and target and similar.


Thanks in advance




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  • Hello  ,

    I think the issue here is a combination of new and old (Windows 7 reaching its end of supported life and the far newer Office 2017).

    Studio 2017 DOES support Serbian (Latin) so the conflict is elsewhere between W7 and Office 2016-

    Perhaps other users in this lang combination can confirm or share their experiences?

    I have tried a project using HUNSPELL (instead of Word) and the formatting/issues aren't apparent.

  • In reply to Steven Whale:


    on othre PC I have Office 365 and its the same.
    Do you mean that perhaps the installation of another version of the office would work or just maybe Windows 10 installation in combination with Trados 2017?