Target word files generated through Trados are locked! Please help!

Locked target translation files 

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  • Hi  

    Could you please give us a bit more details to have a better understanding of the issue?

    - Please let us know which version of Studio and Microsoft Office you are using.
    - What do you mean by 'locked target translation file'? You cannot open the translated target file in Word? Do you receive an error message?

    Hoping to hear back from you.

    Best wishes,

    Greta Magyar - Customer Success Representative - SDL

  • In reply to Greta Magyar:

    I am using Trados 2015 and Word 2007. I am able to open and view the file in Word, but I am unable to make any changes because it is locked for editing and is asking for a password that I never created.
  • In reply to Svetlana Ball:


    Thank you for getting back to me and for these details.

    Could you please confirm whether this is a general issue or whether it has happened to one/two specific files so far only?

    Did you create the project in Studio, or did you receive it from somebody, a customer, via a project package for example?

    Is the original source file password protected by default maybe? Could you please check and confirm?

    Thank you,