Studio 2015 is creating duplicate TU's in target file rather than overwriting amended units, in Editor View. Any TM setting is being used.

I therefore end up with several target units including ones with minor errors in that I have since corrected, which is unhelpful. Project Settings are set to 'Merge translation units (recommended)'. I have not had this problem before. Current project uses 'Any TM' for a translation from FR to US English (the TM used is FR to UK English). I wonder if problem could be specific to the Any TM setting. Is there a way around this?

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  • Hi Nicola,

    I must admit I'm a bit confused by your question. You talk about duplicate TUs in the target file and then mention "Merge Translation Units" which seems to be a TM import function.

    Perhaps you can just outline what you are doing in a few simple steps?


  • In reply to Paul:

    Hello there Paul. It is good that Nicola was careful to mention that she was using the Any TM plugin. I had the same issue, but in Trados 2014, and it also occurred in Trados 2017. What was happening is that the setting "Overwrite" or in the later versions "Merge" was not working, instead the TM was behaving as if it was set to "Add New", all the time, which makes the whole TM effectively useless. We are simply referring to the standard options for the way the target segments are written to the TM when you confirm them. If you edit them and then confirm them again, you don't want each unedited version to be added to the TM! I found these options under "Batch Processing", in the Project Settings and Options, which is a bit strange, because this is a basic operation for working with a TM in Trados, not just when you do a batch update of the TM.
    Please can you urgently check this bug in the "Any TM" module.
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    Dear Julian, did you ever get an answer to this? I think am having the same problem but without using the Any TM plugin.