How to batch export multiple termbases?

Dear Studio users,

I am trying to export my Multiterm termbases to xml files for use with the Term Presentation plugin.

Is there a way or an app that allows me to export multiple termbases in one go?  I don't need to combine the termbases, just one termbase to one xml file.

Thank you for your suggestions.



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  • Hi  

    I'm not aware of a way to do this other than to use the command line tool of the glossary converter. This is what the help says:


    There are 3 things you can use the command line for:

    • Pass one or more files to the converter to automate conversion: termbases and optionally a settings file.
    • Enforce the use of Libre/Open Office, even if Excel is installed. This may be useful if Excel does not load properly
    • Start in debug mode. This will create a log file, mostly with information about the process of initialising Excel and Libre/Open Office

    Batch Mode
    If you want to automate the conversion of glossary files, you can use Glossary Converter in a batch file, passing in one or more file paths as parameters and (optionally) a settings file, like this:

    GlossaryConverter.exe "C:\GlossaryConverter\testdata\LegalTerms.xlsx"

    or this

    GlossaryConverter.exe "C:\GlossaryConverter\testdata\LegalTerms.xlsx" "C:\GlossaryConverter\testdata\GeneralGlossary.csv" -s:"C:\GlossaryConverter\testdata\settings.xml"

    If no settings file is provided, the default settings are loaded from C:\Users\<user name>\AppData\Local\SDL OpenExchange\GlossaryConverter\settings.xml

    If any user interaction is required, the dialogs (languages, overwrite file confirmation) will still be displayed. For silent conversion, make sure all languages and fields are defined in the settings file, and all target files have been deleted (to avoid the delete confirmation dialog). Also make sure that the flag <AlwaysShowFieldsDialog> in the settings file is either set to false or missing altogether.


    So you would do something like this I guess:

    GlossaryConverter.exe "C:\GlossaryConverter\testdata\LegalTerms.sdltb" "C:\GlossaryConverter\testdata\GeneralGlossary.sdltb" -s:"C:\GlossaryConverter\testdata\settings.xml"

    Make sure your settings file is based on converting SDLTB to MultiTerm XML.



  • In reply to Paul:

    Hi Paul,

    I am sure someone else will benefit from the instructions above, but for me this is much more difficult than exporting the termbase one by one to xml format in Multiterm Desktop. I will stick to the conventional method:)

  • In reply to Chunyi Chen:

    Hi Chunyi,

    I don't think it'd be too hard to do this in excel and then string the paths together with a little concatenation. But if you don't have too many then maybe stick to what works.
  • Hello  

    Almost 2 years later, I still have the same question.

    I have tried the command line of GlossaryConvert and it does work when we convert Excel files to SDLTB. No doubt for this.

    When trying to convert Excel files to other formats, i.e. XML as Chunyi Chen (Chun-yiChen) requested, the tool still exports SDLTB file.

    See the attached file: /cfs-file/__key/communityserver-discussions-components-files/91/

    Is there command line support for SDL Multiterm in order to export the SDLTB to XML?