Setup did not complete. Setup has detected a higher version of this version already installed. How to get rid of this obstrusive "higher version"?

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  • Hello ,

    This is generally because certain MSI's did not install properly.

    Please follow the instructions in this article to manually install these-
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    Hi Steven,

    Thanks for respondig quickly. I have attached the screenshot as is. The situation as described persists. Studio 2019 SR1 works alright, and I am using MT2017 as Termbase as a workaround right now. Studio seems to refer to the .sdltb files be they for Studio 2019 SR1 or Studio 2017. I would normally open MT2019 and then a number of termbases in cases where I have to enter a new term in a termbase that is not standard in the project but is used as reference. Entering a new term into the standard TB is very easy when being in editor mode. What bugs me is that I cannot reinstall MT2019 albeit having the latest version but this darned error message keeps on popping up. Do you have an idea how to get MT2019 work again?

    Kind regards,

    Hans-Georg Reiss

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    Hi Steven,

    I did resolve the problem, also due to your most welcome hints in Studio 2019 repair sent to be earlier. Similarly, I now entered c:\ProgramData\Package Cache\SDL\SDLMultiTermDesktop2019\modules\.

    Next, I clicked the relevant .msi files and this worked, reinstalling MultiTerm 2019 now without popping up error message as experienced. Then a program update took place to render the program to its latest version. This settled the whole issue with the popping up error message.

    Take care and have a nice weekend, Hans-Georg