Hello Paul,

Term recognitin is not working in SDL Trados 2017 SR1 (freelance), but terms are fine in Multiterm Termbase and in Termbaseviewer.

Configuration: Windows 7 SP1, SDL Trados 2017 SR1 (freelance) and SDL Multiterm 2017 have the latest updates installed.

Term recognition is not working and Terms ARE NOT lined red in the source.

If i try to add the same term again using 'add new term or quick add new term', Trados says "this term is already present in the termbase. Do you want to edit an existing entry?"

I have done:
(1) Resetting window layout
(2) Deleting and renaming settings file/respective folders of SDL Trados and Multiterm
(3) Tested different termbases
(4) Reorganising the termbase and even checked the language variants
(5) Used Excel glossary plugin too

I have almost tried ALL solutions provided in this website and other sites too.

Languages: Tamil (One of Indian languages) to English (United States) translation
When Tamil is a source language, the term recognition DOES NOT work.

When English is a source language, the term recognition WORKS without any problem.

Please provide a suitable resolution for this issue.

Thank you in advance Mr. Paul.

French and Tamil translator,

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  • Hello  

    I tested this in 2017 SR1 and it does work, but you have to be careful about how you set your termbase up.  For example, I tested these three:

    Note the language codes as these represent the following:

    ta(IN) - Tamil (India)

    en(US) - English (United States)

    ta - Tamil

    en - English

    When you create your termbase you can specify the full language code with the variant, or just the main language code.  You should not mix them, and I think this is what you did.  If I use the first one which is default in my list and activated, I get this:

    Now, I said you should not mix this and I always recommend people use fully qualified for all languages, or only the main languages.  However, in this case ONLY using the fully qualified languages works.  So you need to specify the specific flavour of Tamil when creating your termbase to match that of the Studio project and the specific flavour of English.

    Try that and see if it helps.

  • In reply to Paul:

    Hello ,

    Thank you for your answer! Sorry for delayed response from my side.

    I followed your instructions in Multiterm 2017 and 2019 and I did try the same numerous times. But, the issue could not be resolved yet!

    I will again try all these steps and will update here if i get any success.

    Thank you for your assistance and guidance.
  • In reply to Govindarajan P.S.:

    Please make sure you have the latest versions installed of both Studio and MultiTerm. It's not enough to just update one without the other.
  • In reply to Paul:

    Thank you Mr

    I have tested Tamil term recognition with Multiterm 2017 SR1 (latest updates) and 2019 SR1 latest updates as well as Multiterm 2019 (latest updates).

    I have tried it numerous times and could not succeed.

    I will try the same again with different files and termbases.

    Thank you once again and have a nice day!
  • In reply to Govindarajan P.S.:

    Please can you provide the following:

    1. Your termbase (or a small sample that also fails for you)
    2. A sample source file
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