How do you import a glossary from an xls file into a termbase?

I feel very stupid for asking this, but after over an hour of searching, I cannot find out how to use this client-supplied, two-column xls glossary in Trados. I must be missing something because such a simple operation cannot be this difficult. I am using Trados 2017.

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  • Hi

    Not a stupid question at all. In the past the only way to handle this was to use MultiTerm Convert and the process you would go thorugh would be to convert the Excel to an XDT (termbase definition file) and an XML (contains the terminology); then create the termbase in Multiterm with the XDT and then import the XML. So quite an onerus process.

    Today you have two simpler options.

    1. Use the Glossary Converter which is a drag and drop process to get your termbase
    2. Use the Excel spreadsheet itself (saved as XLSX) as the termbase directly

    These two articles might shed some light on all of these options:

    Using the Glossary Converter

    Using the XLSX directly

    Using MultiTerm Convert
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