Why does "Full Text Search" take a lot of time in SDL MultiTerm 2019 -

SDL MultiTerm 2019 - has been taken a lot of time when using "Full Text Search" (Hierarchical or Parallel or Sequential Mode), showing the Windows' rotating ring, and then it is shown "not-responding".
The Termbase file (Source Language: English-USA - Target Language: Portuguese-Brazil) has been reorganized several times per day (and it does not show any defective entry or empty entry), and the Termbase file is installed locally (on my internal hard drive C:), i.e. in c:\Users\renato\Documentos\SDL\SDL MultiTerm\Termbases\ [the same drive c: where SDL MultiTerm 2019 Desktop is installed ("C:\Program Files (x86)\SDL\SDL MultiTerm\MultiTerm15\MultiTerm.exe") in Windows 10 Pro 64 bit.
The SDL MultiTerm 2019 - was uninstalled, and reinstalled again, correctly, using the "SDL MultiTerm 2019 CU1 Desktop Installer" file, that was downloaded from the site oos.sdl.com/.../mydownloads.asp
Is it a defect from SDL MultiTerm 2019 -
Thank you very much for your kind attention,
Best regards,
Renato Colonna Rosman
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  • In reply to Paul:

    Dear Paul Filkin

    Thank you very much for your helping. The problem was solved as explained below.

    I repaired my RENATOCR_Patent Termbase_ENG-US_PORT-BR.sdltb file (99,811,328 bytes, date: December 20, 2018) by producing a New Termbase based on the "RENATOCR_Patent Termbase_ENG-US_PORT-BR_2019.xml" and "RENATOCR_Patent Termbase_ENG-US_PORT-BR_2019.log" files, using Termbase Management Export and Import, and the software EditPad Pro 7 in order to find and replace wrong items on the "RENATOCR_Patent Termbase_ENG-US_PORT-BR_2019.xml" file, before the production of the New Termbase.

    Now the "Full Text Search", using the New Repaired Termbase file, in MultiTerm 2019, is working correctly.

    Again, thank you very much for your kind attention!

    Best regards.

    Renato Colonna Rosman