Multiterm disappeared after recent update


I ran the latest Multiterm update yesterday but when my machine restarted Multiterm had disappeared; there is no longer an icon on the home screen.  I can still access my term base for my current translation in Trados Studio (2019) but am worried about losing it (I'm not very "techie" and am Trados self-taught). If I reinstall Multiterm on my machine, will I lose my current term base? Any simple (!) advice would be much appreciated.


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5 Replies

  • Hello ,

    Just to put your mind at rest- reinstalling MultiTerm will not affect your Termbase as these are stored in a separate folder.
    However, you should always backup your resources on a regular basis just to be on the safe side-

    The following free app- simplifies and automates this process for you.

    Next i would first open Studio 2019 and check for updates (help tab) and ensure this is up to date.
    Then as i think MultiTerm has simply not installed the components correctly- please navigate the following modules and perform manual install (double-click to start each module)

    C:ProgramData\Package Cache\SDL\SDLMultiTermDesktop2019\modules:
    MTConvert15.msi (SDL MultiTerm Convert)
    MTCore15.msi(SDL MultiTerm Core Components)
    MTStudio15.msi (SDL MultiTerm Desktop)
    MTWidget15.msi (SDL MultiTerm Widget)

    Please note that you should be logged on as ADMIN to perform most install/update tasks.
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    Thank you Steven. That's brilliant. Have downloaded the app, saved my term base and reinstalled manually. All good!
    Kind regards
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    So sorry. I thought I had saved the term base to the app but hadn't. Do I just export the term base from Multiterm and if I export does that then remove the term base from Multiterm?Sorry to be a pain...
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    The app is designed to back up your Termbase/Translation Memories.

    These resources are never stored in MultiTerm (or Studio) but in your projects folder (folder A*)

    something like-


    When you back up your resources, the app does not remove them from the original folder- but backs them up to a second designated folder of your choice.

    This simply means that should the TM/TB become corrupted in 'folder A' (your default folder) you have another 'copy' in 'folder B' that you can fall back on.

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    Understood. Thank you again :-)