Term that contains "null".

I can't add a term in a MultiTerm database that contains "null", like "annullable" for exemple.  MultiTerm transforms it to "anable". I found a workround by putting a capital letter in the word "anNullable". Is there a way to create the term "annullable" without using this workaround. Thank you!

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    I was actually just playing with this example to understand why this happens and have an example here

    It seems that you can add 'null' ONLY if part of this is capitalised- AnNULLable or even AnNullable

    The only way it appears to possible to add the term you want exactly is to export your Termbase to Excel (using the Glossary Converter) add the new Term and then convert back to SDLTB using the Glossary Converter....

    Then the term is available as you need it to be.

    The problem appears to be that 'null' is a command in MultiTerm- which means it is simply ignored by MT ( null=zero) and looks like to be a bug.


  • Hello Denise Latreille (DeniseLatreille),

    Please try to add the new terms that include "null" with "Flags Layout" and not with the Default Layout" and will work: