TermBase not working...

I have a Termbase which used to work fine but suddenly stopped working a few weeks ago. If I try to open the term base in MultiTerm I get the error "This TermBase cannot be opened because it has been created with an unsupported version of MultiTerm." Upon trying to open the TermBase in Studio I get the error "General error occurred".

I have updated both MultiTerm and Studio (2017 SR1 Freelance) but to no avail. I can use an old backup copy of the same Termbase and it works fine in both MultiTerm and Studio. The Termbase cannot be opened in MultiTerm 14 or 15 either. I have even tried Glossary Converter and I got an error "Unrecognised database format". 

I need the Termbase as it contains a lot of terms which I don't have in the backup copy. Is there anyway I still can resurrect the Termbase or extract the terms? 

Thanks in advance for the help. 

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