"Reference to an object not set on an object instance" while trying to add a term in Studio 2019's Editor

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During a project, I'm currently unable to add terms on the fly to an active termbase because whenever I try to do it I get the "Reference to an object not set on an object instance" error message. A quick search on this forum allowed me to see that this error message is very common and ofter appears in different scenarios, but I haven't found a thread particulary related to adding terms.

For the record, the termbase is open and I get the results in the termbase results pane, and AutoSuggest from the TB appears to be working. The error message only appears whenever I try to add a new term.

Can you help me? What can I try to solve this particular problem?

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  • First, if this is only happening with one termbase, reorganising that termbase may help. This is done by opening the termbase in MultiTerm and clicking 'Termbase Management' at the bottom of the left-hand pane, then Reorganise on the top toolbar:
    Click through the Wizard then Close.
    If it's happening with one or all termbases, does it still happen if you change from the default layout of the termbase window to, for example, flags layout? 
    Next, have you pinned Termbase Viewer or is it pop-out? Pinning it can stabilise things. Or unpinning then pinning - or resetting the whole view via the View tab>User Interface>Reset Window Layout.
    Also important, do you have the correct version of MultiTerm for your version of Studio and have you made sure your version of MultiTerm is up to date? To do this, if you have automatic updates set, just open MultiTerm and accept any update offered. If you don't have automatic updates set, open MultiTerm and go to Help > Check for Updates.
    Then, have you tried a Windows Repair of Studio via Control Panel? Instructions of how to do this, plus other ways to reset your Studio/MultiTerm setup, are given here: 
    Performing the first suggestion, a Windows Repair, is helpful with any heavy-duty software, especially after an update. BTW, you can find Control Panel by typing it into the 'Type here to search' box next to the Windows button bottom left of your screen.
    Then repair MultiTerm:
    Instructions for resetting Studio and MultiTerm are also in the above two links.
    I would imagine running through the above will solve your problem. If these suggestions don't help, then try reinstalling.
    If that does not work, you can then get free help with installation issues that are preventing you from working, pretty fast:
    Fill in the form here:
    Select 'Installation' from the 'Case type' dropdown and tell them that the problems occurred after installation and, most importantly, give your correct email address so that they can contact you.
    I hope that you can find a solution in amongst all of the above!
    Alison ;-)
  • Hello  ,

    Thank you for sharing the error message.

    This is however too generic unfortunately to be of any help.

    Please expand the message -

    Also please be advised 

    You can also post the entire message -

    If you have recently updated/upgraded your Studio version, then you must also update MultiTerm as well.

    The following Wiki's also help resolve many issues-



  • In reply to Alison Field:

    Thank you for taking so much time to give me such a complete answer, Alison. I will try reinstalling and see if that works. I have this problem with all the termbases in the computer, even with new termbases with no terms on them.
    Thank you again!
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    Thank you, Steven. I will try and reinstall the software to see if that works.
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    You're very welcome. Actually, I copied most of my answer from the templates I keep ready for such eventualities. So it took little time ;-)

    Indeed, reinstalling both Studio and MultiTerm then allowing them both to update should eradicate your problem.

    All the best for an excellent weekend!

    Ali :)