Help with "translation memory too large for demo mode. install a valid license file or connect a dongle to the parallel port" 2007 on Win10


I have installed Trados 2007 (freelance) and SDLX on a win10 device. The installation went fine without a hiccup. I made sure to install with "run as admin..".

After installing I've verified the product with a valid license (online) and I got an "all ok" popup. If I go into the SDL License manager and click "View Activated Licenses" I see 3 licenses: LOCAL_TRIAL_FID_14 and LOCAL_TRIAL_FID_18 and my license (State: OK, permanent).

However, in the License Manager's "license status" / Available licenses panel, I see nothing.

The issue is that when I try to open a translation memory, it asks me for the license again, I enter it and all ok, but when program brings me to the "SDL Trados Translator's Workbench" everything is empty and I read below a read message saying: translation memory too large for demo mode. install a valid license file or connect a dongle to the parallel port.

What's going on? How can I troubleshoot or fix?

Thanks a lot!

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  • Hi

    You have a couple of problems here:

    1. Not many people in SDL Support will even know what you are talking about as this product is so old
    2. It's not supported at all anyway

    Perhaps make sure your licence is really available and thath you have the right licence for the version of Workbench you are trying to install (I don't recall what all the statuses mean any more). You can reset your own license, if needed, by using the Self Service option in your MySDL account for SDL Trados 2007.

    Use this KB article ( ) and follow the instructions.


  • Hi 

    Have you found a solution to your problem?

    If not, post here again and I will install 2007 on my test machine and see if I can resolve this issue for you.

    I usually have it installed but have just wiped my test machine and haven't reinstalled 2007 again yet.

    Have a backlog of work to catch up on first...

    All the best,


  • In reply to Alison Field:

    Thank you! No, I am stuck as per my opening post.
  • In reply to Giovanni Ereste:


    I have installed 2007 again and entered my license code. My first screenshot is the same as yours, with the two trial licenses at the top and my full license code beneath. My second screenshot has 'Official license file for order ######' and everything it covers listed below, it is not blank like yours. 

    It looks as if an association between the various components of 2007 is broken, or failing to connect to your online account info.

    If you go to your online account info here and click on Licenses, how does your license entry look:

    Is it listed with (Activation code) after the product name and does it show 'In Use 1'?

    If this happened to me, the first thing I would try would be a Windows Repair of whichever components of the 2007 product you have installed (SDLX, SDL Trados Synergy 2007, then finally SDL Trados 2007). SDL Trados 2007 covers both TagEditor and Workbench.

    Let me know if that solves your problem.

    All the best


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