What is AutoHotkey?

In a nutshell AutoHotkey is a tool for automating things that you would otherwise do manually in windows applications.  The website is here:

So for example, you might want to be able to automatically copy selected text directly to the target segment in Studio.  This is not possible out of the box, but with a small script like this it becomes possible just by selecting the text and then pressing Ctrl+Alt+x:

; Copy selected text to the target segment.
Send ^c!+{F6}^v

It may look a little tricky at first, but you can do some pretty powerful things with the most basic of knowledge once you get to grips with it.  I use it a lot to compensate for the lack of an international keyboard, so I have a script like this (only much longer!) which adds the accents on letters in the words below without me having to do anything at all.  I just type "Asbjorn" for example and I get "Asbjørn"... very useful for me as I like to get peoples names right!

; Personal names

But it's not just for Studio, there is an article here which shows you a way to get the Word autocorrect for any application running on your computer via AutoHotkey:

So, if you're looking for a script to do something in particular, or would just like to share your own masterpiece then please share it in here.  I'm sure there are plenty of existing AutoHotkey users who would welcome your input.  And if you haven't used it before please feel free to ask any questions at all, anything you ask will help someone else when we find out the answer, and there are no silly questions!  Many of the questions might come from me as I'm a very basic user indeed!!

You might also find this link to the AutoHotkey documentation helpful as it explains what all the curious symbols in these scripts means and will probably make things appear a lot easier!!