AHK script for the Advanced Display Filter

Hello! (This is the first time I write here, so doble hello). I would like to know whether some can help me with a Autohotkey script I would really love to have. In DejaVuX there are some shortcuts that I use all the time and that I didn't find in Studio 2019. In DejaVuX you can select a word or expression in the source segment, press Ctrl+Alt+S and filter all segments that contain that word (to do that in Studio I have to to the the Advanced Display Filter window and enter the word to filter, so it takes much longer, and it is a function I use all the time). You can do the same thing in the target by pressing Ctrl+Alt+T. Ctrl+Alt+R is used to undo the filter. Do you know if there are similar shortcuts in Studio? Or do any of you by any chance have an Autohotkey script to share? Thanks a lot!

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