issue in generating target file

hi ,

i have an issue in generating telugu to english translated  file.

the error displayed was the object reference not set to instance of the object .

i have tried all the suggestions in the forum.but it doesn't work

.kindly help me with the issue as soon as possible.

thanks in advance.

  • There's a few things you can do to help get a sensible answer when posting:

    1. tell us what version of Studio you are using (including the build number).  Current version is SDL Trados Studio 2019 SR1 - for example.
    2. tell us what file format you are working with and which of the filetypes in Studio you used.
    3. provide the error message because the title "object reference not set to instance of the object" is a very generic message that could be many things.  If you click on the little disk symbol in the error you can save the error message and then attach it to your reply

    Having said all of this, very often this problem can be resolved by pretranslating the source file against your TM in a new project and immediately save it.