Find selection from Studio in PDF or MS Word

Hi Community, 

I want a script that works this way: I select a text somewhere in Studio (say, a portion of source segment) and press a magic key combination => Focus goes to a PDF or MS Word file already opened in another window and it finds the text I selected in Studio. Is it possible? I tried to google for it but to no avail.


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  • Great! Thank you so much for this script, I think I will find a use for it for sure. However most of my reference files are PDF. Should I replace WINWORD.EXE with something like ACROBAT.EXE to make it work the same way with PDF?

    UPDATE: WOW!!! Replacing WINWORD.EXE with AcroRd32.exe did the trick. Thank you Daniel again.

    Last question: what should I add to run the Find command (so that it finds [but not just paste] the text after pasting it into the Find field)? Any idea?