To make a Advanced DSI in OneGo [Excel Cell Shading Rekon]

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It has a better one, a kind of updated

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It stems from this post.

Excluding cells in Excel based on fill colour

SDL Trados Studio blinds to MS Excel cell shading and cell numbers.

I have tested this tiny code and make it a little bit better.

tested only with very simple project. - One MS Excel file project.
that is all I have and all I wanted

MS Excel has cell shadings, it has two WorkSheets.

Of course, SDL Trados Studio's default DSI is Dummy. (no cell numbers, no shadings at all)

You just ClickOnce this code.

-of couse, firstly close the document (do not have to quit SDL Trados Studio itself)
-it makes a "BAK" file, just in case (located at the same folder - target folder)

Now, You are seeing "Advanced DSI", full of colors and full of information.
-Dear SDL please delete that useless " + " signs.

As You can see, You can use "Advanced Community Display Filter" perfectly.


-AutoHotkey source code and a sample MS Excel color file.

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  • Really we should be able to read more into the sdlxliff file through the filetype support

    Cannot agree more.
    To be honest, the Bilingual Excel file type looks to me more like a "quick hack" put together for some specific need, than a properly thought-through, systematically approached and feature-complete filter... and IMHO either should not have been released at all, or should have been marked as a beta, MVP, or something like that, with clearly and publicly defined development plan for completing the functionality.

    But despite this I like the inventiveness to try and solve a problem

    Yes, sure, inventiveness is cool... but unfortunately, it's the lack of knowledge about the wider context and complex dependencies what makes it often to cause more harm than good. Especially if the product of such "naive inventiveness" is then blindly used by other clueless users who don't realize the possible (destructive) consequences... which even may not be immediately obvious and fully show up only later in the process when it's impossible to fix the harm.

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