To make a good use of CADF [To fix ConfirmAllSegmentsBug II]

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this is the second and the last attempt to fix it

Should you are interested in only "Wrongly Confirmed  Empty  Segments"..
CADF  is your answer, much better than mine (the first attempt)

it is based on LastModifedTime of segments
grab all the time, grouped and sorted

So.. should you have the Bug,  the latest and the biggest one(or two) be the candidate to fix, I guess..
-usually, human can not work such way  but machine_Bug can do, though I did not confirm with the real error file..

tried with MS Word to avoid upper limitations of a Cell in MS Excel - not serious, actually, having a fun with it.

unFortunately, You lost the previous Status forever - for instance, seg numbers 12/13.
For me, there is no way to revive it, blame the Bug not me.


Attached: AutoHotkey source code.