To highlight all the TB items in OneGo

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it is a tiny toy, nothing serious.

; Close your EditorView (sdlxliff document), do not needed to quit SDL Trados Studio itself.
; Run, This code.
; Select the SDL Trados Studio Project File (.sdlproj)

; Open your sdlxliff docuement (EditorView) again.
; Then, this Code shows you all the TB terms at source Segments section - TermRecognitionInOneGo

; It does not have functionality to go back to original status, I am a lazy one. <--  Added as comment of this post
; So
; You kill just made this ".sdlxliff" file - TermRecognitionInOneGo file
; And, delete last part of BackUp file (made Automatically) extension "_OriginalFileBackUp"
; Example) "Let it be.docx.sdlxliff_OriginalFileBackUp" --> "Let it be.docx.sdlxliff"
; Now, this is the original sdlxliff of yours.

you can change its color at  "Options>Colors>Comment colors>Information"
-I do not recommend this change color action though..

; You can use CADF (Community Advanced Display Filter) with "User (TB name)" or "Severity (also depends onTB)" criteria
; You can discern Max. 3 Colors/Severities only (that is the limitation/characteristics of Comment itself)





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