To import Lots of tmxs into a tmx

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; You select a SDL Trados Studio TM exported file (.tmx) as a Base(Final/Compiled)_tmx
; You select a Folder which has lots, lots of ".tmx"s inside of it

; Then, this Code copies all the TUs from the folder (in the tmxs) into the Base_tmx
; In its process, it injects SDL TM fields named "origin_File" which shows its origin tmx file name, for all and every TUs

; It does not touch all the TUs in the Base_tmx (at starting stage). So, you'd better use the empty one (or not)
; You do not have anything to worry about SDL TM fields, it is done all automatically 

; Now, you just import a tmx once (the Base_tmx), DONE !!!

; It does NOT make any kind of BackUps. That is your business, not mine.

currently it processed "2" tmxs (I do not have thousands of them. Each of them has only one TU within it.)
the name of SDL TM fields is "origin_File"
it shows briefly only the name of tmx it came from (not Path, should be useless)


compile thousands TUs into


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  • I don’t think that’s true Kelly. Many people take the code and read posts without ever responding. That’s just the nature of communities.  I like to read through your code and try to understand it... it’s a good learning experience. I even keep a folder for AHK scripts on my laptop and have many of your scripts in there. But the ones with Korean I usually delete if I can’t figure out what should be in there.

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